A Midnight Message

August 26, 2016 — 4 Comments
NOTE: For the first time in my life I got out of bed... late at night... to write something God put on my heart. I don't know when or where this message will be delivered yet, but God does. Until then I thought it worth posting here. Oh... I haven't edited it to fix my contractions or other things I use when writing a manuscript, I just had to get it written down before I forgot it. Trust God (Proverbs Read more [...]
Note: I recently made a ministry trip to Iceland by piggy-backing with a service mission group from another church. To say that our travel plans were turned upside down is an understatement! And this was BEFORE the computer crash Delta had. Anyway, what follows is what I wrote for the group for consideration about those events and how to process them. It is written as a personal letter to the team. Reflections Read more [...]
“My ‘Go To Thoughts’ When The Unexpected Happens” Not long back I got one of those phone calls. I was told by the person “This would be a good time to pray” as they explained a potentially significant life altering change. Emphasis on potentially. Like many people I jumped about four or five thoughts past “potential.” In my mind I started working through “what if” questions. Read more [...]
The is a follow up to my previous post about the demise of the church in America (CLICK HERE). People bemoan how low the morals are in America. They talk about how things have never been worse than they are now. Seems everyone is convinced sin is rampant in the nation unlike ever before in our history. But they forget it used to be called (In the USA), "The Wild West." They forget about "The Read more [...]

Demise Of The Church?

July 20, 2016 — 2 Comments
Consider the current condition of the church in America: The UMC has elected an openly gay bishop. The Presbyterian Church USA has embraced gay marriage. A Baptist church in Huntsville, AL has performed a gay marriage. Are these things a problem or a fulfillment of prophecy? I use these moral illustrations, but the same is true on many other levels like divorce... greed... lack of holiness... doctrine... et Read more [...]