There were two criminals crucified with Jesus. This was written in Luke 23:39-43... One of the criminals who were hanged railed at him, saying, "Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us!" But the other rebuked him, saying, "Do you not fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we are receiving the due reward of our deeds; but this man has done nothing Read more [...]
At unexpected times, God steps in to our lives. This happened to Simon of Cyrene (Modern day Libya) when he was forced to carry Jesus' cross. Everything we know about him is found in three verses... As they went out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name. They compelled this man to carry his cross... (Mt 27:32). And they compelled a passerby, Simon of Cyrene, who was coming in from the country, Read more [...]
Barabbas... Bar-Abbas. Bar means "Son." Abbas... Abba... means daddy. Abba is a name Jesus used to refer to God. Barabbas means "Son of the father." Jesus was the REAL Bar-Abbas (Son of The Father... God). Interesting... (Picture is from The Passion). Barabbas was a nefarious individual. He was part of an insurrection and possibly a murderer. At the very least he was a robber. By all accounts Barabbas Read more [...]
Do you know what it is like to be pressured, threatened, and manipulated to do something you don't want to do? Ever had 7 people around a table pressuring you? What about a crowd of say, 100... 300... or 1,000? It's been proven that just 2 people interrogating an innocent person can extract a murder confession from them. With enough pressure and time, you will brake. Everyone has a breaking point. So Read more [...]
Statistics show there have been 316 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States. The first DNA exoneration took place in 1989. Since 2000, there have been 249 exonerations. 18 served time on death row. Another 16 were charged with capital crimes but not sentenced to death. DNA wouldn't have exonerated Jesus... According to The Gospels, Jesus was "tried" by Annas, Caiaphas, Herod, and Read more [...]