Parenting As Friend

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NOTE: This study is being presented at a friend's congregation tonight, 10/30/15. It is posted here for the class to access. Parenting As Friend {Age 19 And Above} Up To Speed: Difficult to jump in at age 19 and above without recounting a few things by reflection. In my world, age 19 and up is the time to find out if the first 18 years impacted them. They are now adults and for the most part Read more [...]


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"Nothing tests your obedience to Christ like conflict" (Copied). Read that two more times, then think about it awhile. Conflict is part of life. People disagree, have different beliefs, opposite opinions... perspectives... or views. We think (Know?!) we're right, the other person (Or people) think they're right. And there comes the rub... whether it is politics, theology, or just an average every Read more [...]

I Didn’t Expect THIS!

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This post is more about how I process life than making a point for others to consider (Obligatory caveat). There are a few passages of Scripture that in the last few years I've HAD to learn to embrace. Why do I say that? Because life doesn't happen the way I want, hope, desire, or plan. And if you're honest, you may have agree with me. Over the course of 25 years in ministry, and life events prior Read more [...]

The Joy Of Being An Interim

September 23, 2015 — 2 Comments
Redemption Ministry is dedicated to helping congregations and ministers. Mostly those who are either in transition and/or stressful situations. Thus the purpose of this post... I have had the joy of being an interim for two congregations... one for 16 months, the latest for 8 months. Both were an absolute blessing in my life. The first had terminated or forced three ministers to leave within 18 Read more [...]

How To Fire A Minister

September 18, 2015 — 1 Comment
There are a few situations where termination of a minister is the right thing to do (Click here). They are... 1. Heresy, 2. Immorality (Adultery, etc), 3. Egregious law breaking (Stealing, etc). Some would say that ethical improprieties are grounds for termination (Stealing sermons from the internet). Then there are "lesser" reasons for breaking the relationship between minister and congregation such Read more [...]