Why Not To Worry

March 29, 2015 — Leave a comment
This is a message I delivered today about why not to worry to a congregation seeking their next pastor. It is highly practical for life, not just the pastor search process. “Why Not To Worry” or “Trust God!” (Is 46:9-10) This is another message to encourage you regarding your pastor search. But it is also a practical message for you outside the pastor search process. A lot is at stake regarding Read more [...]
This post is for, and about, my brothers and sisters in ministry who struggle and/or are struggling. I pray if you are one of those, you will find comfort and encouragement in The Lord this day. Those called to Christian ministry (Pastor, Missionary, Minister) are usually not well aware they are entering the front line of a war where the enemy takes no prisoners. They are incapable of understanding Read more [...]
This is the oral manuscript I delivered last Sunday to a congregation I'm encouraging in their pastor search process, so please take into consideration this is what I take into the pulpit and not written for publication. It is written in a manner to keep me on track as to the thoughts to present to God's people (Thus contractions, bold, underline, etc). I hope you are blessed... A New Testament Congregation Read more [...]
This is part of a series of messages I'm delivering for a church that is looking for their next pastor. Prior messages can be read here, here, and here. A New Testament Pastor (Ac 6:1-2) The reason for these messages are to encourage you to a greater u’standing of what a NT church is to be. I want you to think Biblically regarding what it means to operate God’s way as a NT Church. Part of this Read more [...]
This won't be a long post. It is one of those that is really easy to write. Now... People are obsessed with the future and wanting to know what will happen. Prognosticators abound for weather, sports, finance, politics, world affairs, and people's lives. One King of Israel (Saul) went to a witch for a reading, and the witch got shocked (1 Sam 28:3-20). Some jokingly look to a groundhog to determine Read more [...]