This is well worth the read! I wish I have found it a few years ago. It is about Charles Spurgeon…


Quick word… DO NOT QUIT!!

What Jesus said about salvation in John 3 is radical, much different from what most think today. This is a message to be delivered tomorrow in Elmore County about salvation that is theologically challenging and encouraging. I hope you will read it. NOTE: These are the notes I take into the pulpit, so please excuse some of the contractions and the like in this manuscript. You Must Be Born Again! (Jn Read more [...]
(This is today's message delivered to God's People in Titus, AL.) Today is Resurrection Sunday, AKA… Easter. It is a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His  resurrection was the fulfillment & culmination of Jesus’ life, ministry, & death. God was HEAVILY involved in all the events that saved everyone who believes. God does not leave our salvation to chance… our sanctification Read more [...]
Elias Keach, the wild and rebellious son of the renowned Benjamin Keach of London, arrived in Philadelphia in 1686. Young Keach was just nineteen and had come to this country to escape from his father and mother’s discipline, to make his fortune, and prove he did not need them or their religion. To gain acceptance and respect, he dressed like a clergyman. When it was learned he was the son of Read more [...]

Why Not To Worry

March 29, 2015 — Leave a comment
This is a message I delivered today about why not to worry to a congregation seeking their next pastor. It is highly practical for life, not just the pastor search process. “Why Not To Worry” or “Trust God!” (Is 46:9-10) This is another message to encourage you regarding your pastor search. But it is also a practical message for you outside the pastor search process. A lot is at stake regarding Read more [...]