BG Library.jpg  This picture is from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s webpage.  You can go there by clicking here.  While you’re there, you may want to read a recent article Dr. Graham wrote titled, “Why God Allows Suffering.”  This is specially relevant since Mrs. Graham has been bedridden for months.  During his comments, Dr. Graham said he goes in to talk to her several times a day.  Don’t miss reading what he wrote as one who is in the middle of an event… not just writing about an event.  There is a difference!

  While in Panama City last night (Thursday) I happened upon the broadcast of the opening of Dr. Graham’s library.  It was a time of inspiration and blessing as I sat in my room and listened to the formal opening.

  Presidents Carter and Clinton spoke words of encouragement while the keynote address was reserved for former president George Herbert Walker Bush… who gave a stirring speech about Dr. Graham’s influence upon untold millions of people.

  I was specailly blessed when George Beverly Shea (Age 98!) and Cliff Barrows led those assembled in the great hymn To God Be The Glory.

  But the blessing of the evening came from Dr. Graham himself.  The two comments of his which I remember are, “After hearing all these kind words I kind of feel like I am attending my own funeral!”  The second comment was what he thought the first time he went through the library.  He said, “There’s too much Billy in it.”

  God willing, I hope to go soon to the library… not so much as to read about Billy Graham, but to be reminded of what God can do through one person who submits their life to Him for His glory.  I think we all need to be reminded that “There’s too much Billy” in our lives.  There needs to be much less of us… less caring what people think… less wondering if people think of us… less concern of what we’ll get or how we’ll benefit from everything that happens around us.

  As Billy Graham pointed out, there’s too much of us in this world!  There’s too much of everyone trying to impress everyone else.  There needs to be more God… more Jesus… more Christ… more of Jehovah God in everything we do.  “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”  The sad thing is that most every one of us aren’t able to see just how self centered we really are unless God reveals it to us.

  Thank you Dr. Graham for reminding me what is really important.