BlasphemyToday is “Blasphemy Day” around the world.  Today people are encouraged by “free thinkers” to blaspheme the deity of their choice.  There is a Facebook page dedicated to it and a You Tube video (2 years old) where people are encouraged to commit the unforgivable sin (Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit).

I am not only repulsed… but fearful for those who take up this challenge.  They don’t realize that “professing to be wise they have become fools.”  My heart breaks for those who, in their ignorance, say they are choosing eternal damnation over the love Jesus showed by dying on the cross.

I am thankful though… for several things.

First… God is slow to anger and abounding in mercy and loving kindness, even toward those who blaspheme.

Second… God will forgive blasphemy (1 Tim 1:12-13).  The unforgivable part kicks in ONLY when a person dies. Until then, all sin can be forgiven… even blasphemy.

Third… God’s grace is greater than any sin… including blasphemy!

There will be many people today who take the blasphemy challenge on Blasphemy Day.  Many will be true to their conviction to the day they die.  A few will turn from their sin and be saved.  Only in eternity will who chose which be made known.

But so as not to be a kill joy AND support Blasphemy Day in my own way… I have chosen to blaspheme the deity (Little “d”) of MY choice: Satan… who is the god of this world (Little “g”) has been defeated by Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection.  Jesus will reign forever!

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