Over the past several months God has been opening my eyes to see a blind spot.  I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to tell you what it is, but trust me… it’s one I didn’t realize about myself… my culture… my city… and other significant associations I have.  I can tell you this, when you listen closely to people who have experiences and background different from your own… and put away your own biases about what they are saying, you sometimes see yourself in a completely different (And unexpected) light.

It’s like when you wake up in the middle of the night when someone turns on the light in your bedroom.  Pain hits you and you begin to cover your eyes because the light is too bright.  Adjusting to the change from darkness to light is relatively quick… but it takes some time to adjust.  When light comes into our lives that have been dark before, I’ve found that many emotions begin to flood your mind…

Embarrassment.  How could I have been so stupid… insensitive… blind?

Anger at yourself.  How could I have been a part of such and it not wound my soul earlier and/or quicker?

Resentment.  Those who brought this into my life shouldn’t have done so.  They were wrong to have done it to me.

Confusion.  What do I do now that I have this knowledge and understanding?

Convicted.  God… I sinned to a degree from ignorance… please forgive me.  Read Leviticus 4-5:6 regarding “unintentional sin.”

For now… consider asking God a serious question.  Ask Him… if you dare… to reveal to you the blind spots in your own life.  I do believe this is part of being conformed to the image of Christ by confronting and getting rid of the sin we are ignorant of.