Is the universe billions of years old or between 6 to 10 thousand years old?  There is a huge debate on this issue going on in theological circles right now.  Which one you choose has profound implications on your view of Scripture, and therefore God Himself.

If the universe is young… as most conservative evangelicals believe… then how do you explain stars that are millions and billions of light years from earth?  How do you explain rocks on earth that are millions of years old?  Isn’t it possible for a person to believe that God used evolution to create (Called “Theistic Evolution”)?  Isn’t it possible that the word “day” in Genesis refers to a period of time rather than a literal 24 hour day?

Aside: How you answer those questions to a skeptic that is trying to understand and comprehend the God of the Bible is tremendously important.  That person is quite different from the skeptic whose goal is to disprove the Bible (I wouldn’t suggest entering a debate/arugment with and adversarial skeptic).

Dr. Al Mohler delivered a significant message about the age of the universe this year that I highly commend for your edification… (Video: Click here.  Print: Click here.  An excellent resource!).  There is also an excellent article about the age of the earth that is shorter, but not as complete, as Dr. Mohler’s presentation… (Click here also).