Sunday… April 20th… 2014. Was it a morning like this?

Mary was first to the tomb. There she saw an angel who asked her… “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

She ran to tell the Apostles. Peter and John took off running to the tomb… John got there first. He looked in and it was empty… The stone had been rolled back to show that Jesus wasn’t there, not to let him out of the tomb.

Then Mary saw a man she didn’t recognize… but it was Jesus!

That same day, Jesus appeared to all the Apostles (Except for Thomas who wasn’t present).

Jesus willingly laid down his life, and that Sunday he took it up again. He defeated sin, death, and hell. Now He, and He alone, is the way of salvation… for all who will believe.

Thus the traditional Christian greeting and response is: “He is risen!” to which the reply is, “He is risen INDEED!”

Praise be to God!