As I am writing this, I am in the library of a hospital.  I’ve been doing research on a medical issue that I am having to deal with for my dad who is in ICU.  He had to have surgery on Tuesday to relieve pressure on his brain for a subdural hemotoma.  But that isn’t the main issue I’m concerned about… and for now, the real problem is not the reason for this post.

Realization: You don’t know what people go through… and you cannot know what they go through… until you have been there yourself.  You can try… you can have sympathy… you can think of what it might be like… but until you are actually there yourself, you don’t know.

Thus… it is good that I am where I am today.  It is good that I am having to wait in the ICU waiting room.  It is good that I am by myself (By my choice in telling my family when and if I need them, I’ll call them… knowing they will come).  It is good that at this moment what will happen the next moment is completely unknown (Which means I MUST trust God!).  It is good that I am feeling what it is like to be completely helpless because I have to… and enjoy… relying completely upon God.

I have been to many ICU waiting rooms to visit families over the years.  I’ve prayed with them… sat with them… encouraged them.  But have not been able to emphathize with them… until today.  So it is good to be where I am.  THEREFORE…

“My grace is sufficient for you…”

God is in control

I will not be anxious for anything… God’s peace will protect me…

I will trust God completely… with abandon!

God will NOT put any more on me than I can handle with His strength!

I have these things… ClickClick… “And do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10b)

It is good to be where I am… for this is where I am getting to know God better.  Whatever it takes for that to happen is worth it!