Normally I don’t pay much attention to twitter and tweets.  In fact, only 3 or 4 of those I follow are sent directly to my “electronic cowbell” (Cell phone).  But once each day I scan through the tweets to see if there is anything of much substance.  However… this morning I was blessed by a few comments Ray Ortlund made as reflections from the book of Job.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had occasion to be close to many who are suffering the last couple of weeks.

Anyway… consider these thoughts and contemplate them for more than a few seconds.  Twitter IS worth it every now and then!

Suffering usually has a social dimension. Friends gather round, form opinions, start making judgments, (and) make it worse. (Job)

The book of Job coaches us in how to suffer when we don’t understand why: Accept it, keep trusting God, and hold on.

The book of Job isn’t addressing a theoretical question about why good people suffer but a practical question: How to suffer.

Satan doesn’t reappear at the end of the book of Job. Why? Not because he lost but because he is ultimately irrelevant.

The book of Job is in the Bible, not as a rare example of extreme anguish but as a common one. It’s how life is.

The book of Job reveals a battle over us in the spiritual realm. We are more significant than we know. Let’s not quit.

When (not if) we suffer, it clarifies the only finally important question: What does God think of me?