Earlier I posted that I was praying for a young Atheist.  Now I am praying for one who is MUCH older, who is possibly an Atheist, and doesn’t realize it.  Let me explain…

Previously I was talking with an individual and in the course of conversation I was prompted to “Ask!” (The Spirit doesn’t always prompt me like He did then, but this time it was clear I was to share the Gospel with the person I was talking to.).  So I asked this person to tell me about their faith… how they came to Christ.

Aside: Did you catch that?  I made an assumption that the person I was talking to was a believer.  The reason I held that belief isn’t as important as what God did in this encounter.  I was reminded I should NEVER assume a person is a believer based on my preconceived notions.

This person then told me that they had never really been able to work through to a conclusion about being saved.  When I asked why… I was told… “That’s the reason.  I can’t understand ‘Why?'”  Then it was further explained to me… “If your God and Jesus can do anything, why does He let so much suffering and pain happen?  Tell me… why?  If I could understand that then maybe…”

I took a little while to explain the effects of sin and the fall.  I took time to explain that it was a person… Jesus Christ… who is the answer the question being asked.  The reply I got was… “Well, maybe you’re right.  But I still can’t get past WHY?”

At that point I explored the question about what happens when a person dies.  The answer I received was, “I’ll rot in the ground just like everyone else.  Muslim, Christian, my spouse, you.  After death there is nothing.  Nothing at all.”  My queries about what if you’re wrong and presentation of Scriptures about it is appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgment didn’t matter.  The question of “why?” was always brought back up and pressed on me to answer.

So after a lengthy time of discussion… Q & A… Scripture discussion… the prompting came to me again… “That’s enough.”  So I stopped.  At that point the spouse mentioned,“I have in my Bible some verses… Romans 3:23, John 3:16, Acts 16:31, and Romans 10:9-10!”  So I asked this person if they would read these passages… but FIRST ask God to reveal Himself and His truth?  They said they would. 

I mentioned the time was short (This person is in their 90s!).   I told them I’d be praying for them myself and would be back soon.  So now I ask those who might read this post… will you pray for this person… who is lost in sin and doesn’t know it?  Will you pray and ask God to open their heart so that they can believe?   (Aside: Oh… do make the assumption I made.  Never assume anyone is saved for any reason.  Always be ready to share the Gospel!