From now on when I hear the phrase “A River Runs Through It,” I won’t think of the movie directed by Robert Redford, but a small slum in Jaco Costa Rica called “River City.”

The “City” is a place near Jaco where a number of families have built tin roofed and walled shacks divided by a creek (See picture to right).  When it rains, the creek swells several feet and at times invades their houses (Costa Rica gets about 15-17 feet of rain each year).

One church, started by a missionary from Florida named David Knapp, has taken on this small little village (If you can call it that) as a mission project. However, I want to tell you about “Blue,” the lady that is their missionary.

Several years ago Rebecca (AKA “Blue”) was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live.  The doctor told her if there was anything she wanted to do, she should do it.  She said she wanted to go to Bible College and the doctor told her she wouldn’t live that long, but she went anyway (“Blue” is standing between Trey and Britton).

Subsequently she became cancer free… finished Bible College… and was sent by a church to Costa Rica to start a daycare for babies of prostitutes.  But there were many problems, and that fell through.  Then the church that sent her backed out on their commitment.  Everything she thought of to do as a ministry “failed.”

Finally she got to the end of her rope… gave up… and became angry at God.  “Why did you bring me down here and abandon me?!” was her prayer.  She decided to quit praying… quit reading her Bible… quit God, all because things weren’t going the way she planned.  Then God stepped in.

She got a call from David Knapp’s wife asking her to pray about ministering to the families and children of the River City.  Immediately she said yes… without having to pray she already knew THIS was the reason God brought her to Costa Rica.  This dear lady has more joy than any other missionary I’ve ever met… because she knows she’s fulfilling God’s call (She lives off $500 a month with $200 going to pay her rent {Click here}).

Lesson: God does not so much show us His will for our life as He BRINGS ABOUT His will in our life!

As you can, remember to pray for the people of River City and Blue.  There are many hardships there and many who need Jesus.  By God’s grace there is great opportunity for His Name to be glorified!