MarriageSadly, Christians have given proponents of same-sex marriage the sticks to beat us with. Consider…

Everyone should have the right to: Have 3 wives like Newt Gingrich. Be divorced 7 times like Liz Taylor: Be married to a pedantic bore-um like Rick Santorum; Listen to the shrill walin’ of Sarah Palin! (Granted, these are harshly judgmental, but the point is well made.)

A Baptist president has an affair while in office (Clinton). Newt, point made. Christian pastors have affairs. Divorce is rampant among believers. The Episcopal Church ordains homosexuals as ministers. Roman Catholic priests rape children. And we wonder why our nation is in such a state?

The marriages of Christians have not been holy. They have not been shining lights of righteousness. Husbands have not loved their wives as Christ loves the Church. Husbands have not honored their wife Biblically. All Christians must return to loving others as found in Scripture. Forgiveness, reconciliation, and mercy have been overtaken by selfishness, greed, and pride in marriage. And the enemy has taken advantage to beat up Christians as hypocritical and therefore lacking in credibility… and is winning the moral argument!

The answer? Let judgment begin at the house of God. Husbands, seek forgiveness for mistreatment of wife and family. Pastors, seek forgiveness for neglecting their families… and ask forgiveness for letting churches down morally. Children should seek forgiveness for rebelling against their parents. Churches must lay aside pride and ask forgiveness of how they’ve treated their shepherds.

Christians have no right to herald a standard they do not maintain! Rather than condemning anyone, Christians must remove the log so as to see clearly to HELP (Not condemn) others with the speck in their eye.

God’s method for social change is not protesting but found in Isaiah 58:3-14. When believers individually, and entire congregations, follow God’s direction from Isaiah 58, THEN He will open the windows of heaven sending revival and awakening to the land (If He so chooses)!