Preferences are the source of debate, and sometimes arguments, in churches. This may not be an issue where you worship, but there are still a few churches that struggle with these things.  Preferences are not the same as Biblical truth… but some try to raise them to that level.  For example…

What kind of dress or attire does God require at when the church meets… a tuxedo, suit, business casual, or dresses with hats and gloves ?  Consider 1 Samuel 16:7b.

What kind of music does God prefer… Southern Gospel, Contemporary, or Hymns?

When should the offering be received in worship… at the beginning, in the middle, or the end?

When God’s people sing, does He care if a hymnal is used or the words are projected on a screen?

When is the church supposed to gather for worship?  Sunday at 11:00 AM AND Sunday night AND Wednesday night… or is Sunday morning and Wednesday acceptable?  Note: Paul addressed this in Romans 14:4-6a.

Interestingly, the church in America chose to gather at 11:00 AM on Sunday because that gave the farmers time to feed their animals.  Churches started meeting on Sunday night in greater numbers because electricity gave them the ability to better do so.

The purpose of the church gathering for worship is to glorify God.  It isn’t to judge a person based on their style of dress… music they prefer… or even when or how often a person chooses to worship.  It is much more important that we focus on God rather than minor issues that have nothing to do with how much a person loves God and is following His will for their life.