If you haven’t heard by now, Brit Hume suggested the way for Tiger Woods to get his life back in order is to covert to Christianity.  Watch below… or you can listen to Mr. Hume further explain his comments here.  You can click here for Ann Coulter’s comments (Very Interesting).  And here for Dr. Al Mohler’s thoughts.  Then consider also Michael Gerson’s comments.

The media backlash is predictable, normal, and we shouldn’t expect anything less from those who aren’t saved to act any other way.  In fact, but by the grace of God that would be every Christian.  Not only that, at one time that WAS how every believer acted!

My thoughts are first that Mr. Hume is completely right about what Tiger Woods should do (And everyone else who doesn’t confess Christ as Lord should do).  Christ IS the only answer to sin.  Second, Mr. Hume only did what is natural for all who confess Christ as savior.  He didn’t do anything less that what is read over and over in the New Testament (Particularly the Book of Acts).

It is after thinking for a while I wonder, why doesn’t this happen more often?  Or more probably… this does happen often, it just doesn’t get the coverage of one who is on national TV.

I am encouaraged by the couple that won’t give in to social pressures to abort their baby… and no one ever hears except their pastor.  The young person who after being divorced chooses not to remarry in obedience to Christ.  The family that chooses to keep their aging parents at home rather than putting them in a home before it’s necessary.  The one who chooses to lose their job because they won’t compromise their faith.  I am blessed when a young couple facing end of life issues don’t abandon God, but rather their faith grows.  And I could go on and on and on!

YOU keep the faith.  YOU speak for God.  YOU live a holy life.  Honor God and He WILL honor you!