Usually we read the Bible with our first eye out for how it/God can help us.  “In what way will my life be better as a result of what I read” is foremost in our mind.  Granted, there are things in Scripture that do help us… but that is NOT the primary reason we were given God’s Word.

  The number one reason God inspired His Word to be written was to reveal Himself.  Everything else is secondary.  If we miss that as the reason for Scripture, we will miss it on everything else.  We are not to use the Bible as the ultimate “self help” book.  That is NOT the reason it was given to us!

 Two Questions To Ask When Reading Scripture:

What does this text/passage reveal about God?

How am I to trust God as a result of this truth?

If we will approach The Word with these two thoughts in our mind, our time will be much more profitable!  Try it…