2012 02 23 Haley TreyGod willing, the last of my three children will be getting married Saturday 9/21. This will end the 18 month stretch during which all three of our children have tied the knot. Amy and Austin were first… then Britton and Missy… now Trey and Hailey. This last wedding will take place out of state and our home is being guarded by a new K-9 resident! Thus taking into account travel time and leisurely return, I will be taking a break from blogging for a few days starting Monday.

This is a picture from a while back the first time Pam and I met Hailey. Trey played on the college basketball team so we went to Louisville to watch him and meet her after the game. What we didn’t know was that Hailey sat in front of us with her brother and cousin! Since then we have come to know Hailey and her family as gracious and precious believers in Christ. Looking back over those Trey could have chosen to spend his life with, Hailey is by far the best fit for him and the one we would have chosen! She loves Jesus and is called to be a minister’s wife. Her parents are strong and faithful believers who have raised Hailey well. We are blessed that the Ethridge family is growing once again by God’s grace.

Pam and I have moved from the Empty Nest to be in-laws for all our kids. I guess that means the next phase is to become grandparents. NOT THAT I AM PROMPTING OR SUGGESTING SUCH BY ANY MEANS! But I do look forward to being a Paw Paw married to Gran-Pam (God willing). Uhhh… never thought I’d say that!