Sir Thomas Moore, Lord Chancellor of England, was put on trial for high treason by denying the supremacy of King Henry VIII (May 7, 1535).  His sentence was to be drawn and quartered, but was changed to beheading.  This is what he said to his executors before the sentence was carried out.  This is what forgiveness sounds and looks like…

“As the blessed Apostle St. Paul… was present,  and consenting to the (killing of) Stephen… (by) stoning him to death, and yet they are both now holy Saints in heaven, and there shall continue friends to eternity; so I verily trust, and shall therefore heartily pray, that albeit your Lordships have been on Earth my Judges to Condemnation, yet that we , may hereafter meet joyfully together in Heaven to our everlasting Salvation: and God preserve you, especially my Sovereign Lord the King, and grant him faithful Counselors.”

Imagine!  Sir Thomas Moore prayed that he would spend eternity in heaven with his murderers in sweet fellowship… just as Stephen did when he was killed with Saul of Tarsus approving of his death.

Father, make us all that forgiving!