Note: I had several ask me for a copy of what I said at Bob Ingram’s fueral Thurday… so I posted it here.  I’ve included links to the passages I mentioned.

2:00 AM Last Tuesday Morning

Condolences to the family.  Wish I had known him “when…”  (Other short personal comments).  Transition..

I’ve been thinking about three views of Two AM Tuesday morning.  One from earth… One in transition… The other from heaven.  What I’m about to say is true for ALL CHRISTIANS…

Earth’s View: St. Vincent’s hospital.  After midnight.  Family members gather.  Tears, a few words here & there.  Prayer.  Then around 2:00 AM Bob Ingram breathed his last.

Now The Transition View:  All I just mentioned is the same… except there are at least two not seen by human eyes.  They are angels.  They’ve been sent by God to a room at St. Vincent’s hospital.  He sent them early that morning with two purposes.

First Purpose, they’re to escort Bob Ingram from St. V into God’s presence (Lk 16:22a).  They are the reason that when Bob went thru the valley of the shadow of death, he feared no evil.

Second Purpose, they ministered to the family.  As it’s written in Heb 1:14, “(Angels are) ministering spirits sent… to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation…”  Whether you knew it or not, God’s angels strengthened you during that hour.  NOW…

There is Heaven’s View: When Bob Ingram was escorted by angels into the presence of God… HE… GOD HIMSELF rejoiced!  As it is written in Ps 116:15 “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”   No more pain… no more hardship… no more tears.  Just joy in the presence of Christ forever!

God’s child… Bob Ingram… was finally HOME!  Never to suffer again.  JOY!  The first thing Bob wanted to do was to see Jesus… the one he had only heard about & believed by faith.

One event… three views.  From family on earth to God’s family in heaven… in the twinkiling of an eye!

One moment Bob Ingram knew nothing of his earthly surroundings.  Then he saw two angels… then in an instant he saw Heaven.  And oh what he saw!

He heard & saw things… beautiful things… heavenly things.  Trumpets sounding.  Angles welcoming him.  Loved ones rejoicing.  And he saw them like they had never been seen before.  He saw them in their heavenly body… just like the one he now has.

Bob gained entrance to God’s throne, not because he was a good or great man—not because treated people fairly or was a deacon… but because Christ knew him… had forgiven his sin… & written his name in the Book of Life.

Bob finally heard the voice he longed to hear for 90 years saying…. Well done, good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord.”