My third child and youngest son Britton was required to write an essay for AP English about a person who has influenced them in their life.  Last night he asked me to proof read it for him… which I did… and as a Dad, the more I read the more thankful I am to God for His grace and that by His grace my son is “getting it.”  Allow me to share for a moment what God is doing in his life…

Unfathomable Perfection

No human being is perfect.  Everyone has a flaw, a weakness.  When a friend or family member comes to you for advice, surely you would ruminate on the situation and give the best counsel possible.  The problem is that we as an imperfect race cannot know everything, cannot see what would help others the most.  If you put all your trust into other people, at some point, you will be left wanting.  No need to be cynical, there is a perfect counselor who is always there and infinitely wise.  If there is one person you can count on, it is God our Father.  If there has {been} one being that has influenced me in my life and still does to this day, it is God my Father through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

Everyone has rough periods in his or her life.  Whether it would be losing a loved one, a traumatic event, an illness, or simply having to stand alone against society.  We become who we are by how we handle those situations, often who (or what) we turn to matters most.  Jesus has always been listening to my prayers and showing me the way to handle life through His Word, the Bible.  In every life situation that has been thrown my way, the Lord has always been a rock that I can hold on to no matter how fierce life’s storms are.  In following Jesus’ example I am going from an immature and selfish young man to one who is always willing to help anyone who asks of me.

If it weren’t for Jesus’ saving grace, I am confident I would not be half as blessed as I am today.  In being disciplined by the Lord I have gained a quiet confidence, or assurance, and it isn’t necessary for me to partake in many foolish actions that most high school students find themselves doing.  I don’t need any type of drug, no matter how mild, or any drink to “get through” the week.  He has given me the strength and wisdom to make sound choices all through my life and I consider myself lucky not to be caught up in such things.  Without them I am healthier and more competent to take on the challenges of life on the road ahead.  Because of the confidence God has given me I am willing to take on task that might scare off others, and I am not ashamed to speak in front of people.  No matter the platform, if it is necessary, I can tackle any problem with Jesus by my side.

Most importantly, God is making me into a young man who is able to be objective and think on a different plane {from} many others.  I have been fortunate in my life to have a diverse group of friends of different races and all walks of life.  I have been given the ability to comprehend the struggles of many and how to relate with each person as a son or daughter of Christ without being kept at bay by his or her outward appearance.  My God-given ability to be a man of trustworthiness and a companion to anyone who seeks one is what is helping me to be successful in my life thus far.  If it weren’t for God my Father in my life, I would be worth nothing… but in His strength I can soar on the wings of eagles above the world.

By God’s grace my seventeen year old son has a lot of wisdom for his age… but he has a long way to go.  There are many more things life will throw at him.  My prayers is that what he wrote will grow and mature with age and experience.

Britton… your mom and I love you, are proud of you, and pray for you regularly.  May you continue to grow in Christ, in faith, and in God’s wisdom.