WBWhen two people you know and respect are at odds… and both are talking to you… and they have conflicting stories on certain key points… who are you to believe? Consider the following suggestions to help you decide…

First, be a keen and astute observer, asking God to give you wisdom and insight…

Second, evaluate what they are saying and HOW they say it.

Third, ask yourself as you listen to them the following…

Who is exemplifying love in what they say?

Who is being gracious toward others?

Who is being merciful toward others?

Who is being patient?

Who is attempting to understand others and the situation?

Who desires to work toward forgiveness and restoration?

Who is passionate about building up rather than destroying?

Who is conducting themselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel (Philippians 1:27)?

Who desires unity rather than division (1 Cor 14:33)?

What you observe in others regarding these matters will direct you who to believe and support in a Christ honoring manner. Also, these are traits all should exemplify.