For 31 years I have been a pastor. I have had the joy of serving five congregations as pastor and seven as interim-pastor along with preaching in different venues as requested. Now I’m entering a new direction in ministry that I pray will be the way I finish the race set before me. Let me explain…

In February of 2019 two Christian business men approached me about “driving the bus” to begin a ministry to help those in prison transition from their time of incarceration to the free world. The program will be Christ-centered/Faith-based and take one year to complete.

Those who begin the program will have a home plan (A place to live) and a work plan (A job). These are required to be paroled in the State of Alabama. During their year in the program they will be exposed to Christian doctrine and theology. To enter the program, a person has to agree to that it is Christ-Centered and Faith-Based, but are not required to be a believer. Each participant’s religious background (Or lack of) does not help or prevent them from participating.

Along with the faith-based element, participants will be encouraged and helped to make their own way in the world. This will be done (God willing) through classes in financial management, job skills, family and relational dynamics, several other life classes, along with an intensive Christian discipleship process (They don’t have to embrace Christ, though that is my prayer).

I write this post just to catch you up on what I am doing for those who might be interested. For me, I am entering the most exciting and joyful time in ministry. There are many elements I’m presently working on to get the program up and running. We don’t yet have a launch date as we are determined to have as many bases covered as possible.

My hope is that you will pray for…

God to be glorified through Journey,

For me to have wisdom and discernment,

For God to make the connections to men for Him to transform,

For Journey to transform the families of those who participate.

For the second edition of Dancing In The Dungeon to be printed.

Bless you all.

“When our heart condemn’s us, God is greater than our heart. And He knows everything” (1 John 3:20).

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