I grew up with the Saturday Night Live classics… Land Shark, Samurai Delicatessen, Rosanna Rosanna Danna, The Coneheads, and many others.  They were unbelievably funny and at times irreverent if not improper.  But ever so often they nail it.

Recently SNL aired a skit about the Congressional bailout.  I watched it one minute on Monday, then (Literally) tried to watch it a second time and it had been removed.  There was an outcry, apparently of such magnitude, that they have now posted it back on their site… though edited (From what I can see NBC removed the tag “People who should be shot” when the Herbert & Marion Sandler characters spoke).

Anyway… if you want to watch the skit you can do so by clicking here (You may have to sit through a commercial).  This is NBC’s website and is excellent quality.