DITDOne chapter in my book Dancing In The Dungeon is titled, “When And How To Fire A Minister.” Recently I heard of a deacon reading DITD who questioned his past conduct. He commented, “This is making me reexamine some of the things I’ve done. If I’m ever a deacon again I will conduct myself differently.” I didn’t expect that. But I am thankful he is being reflective.

My guess is that his past conduct troubled him. It may be, looking back, he realizes he could or should have done things differently. It might be at some point he reaches out for forgiveness and reconciliation. That is never a bad thing.

Every month 1,500 ministers are terminated in our nation. Granted, some of them deserve it because of moral failure, preaching/teaching heresy, or egregious law breaking… but not all of them do. The Scripture implores Christians to be beacons and examples of reconciliation, forgiveness, and restoration. Believers are to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, and love everyone. But those things are rare in churches today.

When congregations and ministers don’t work toward healing, restoration, and reconciliation they have invalidated their credibility in the community. When there is division, confusion, and dissension in a congregation it is proof of God’s people ignoring the Scripture. Don’t blame Satan for church problems… blame God’s people for not being obedient to God’s Word!

Question: Is there an event you need to re-evaluate in light of Scripture? It doesn’t matter how others acted… did YOU honor God’s Word? As it is written in Romans 12:18, “As much as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”