All I can say is WOW!  God is so awesome!

I just got through talking with a man from Flint, MI. who grew up in the Morman Church.  He stopped by the office asking for help to get back home.  He had been promised a job in the Carolinas, but it didn’t work out.  He had no place to stay, ran out of money, decided to go back to Michigan, made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  He slept in his car last night after begging for money in front of Wal-Mart.  All he wanted from WABC was a tank of gasoline.

  Aside: Like you, I’ve been yanked around by a lot of people asking for help over the years… and sadly I’ve become cynical and doubtful of most everyone who is looking for help.  But this time was different.  It seemed like the Holy Spirit was in this encounter.  I kept being led to deal with Ken different than most I have dealt with people in the past.

While Carla was working it up to get him the gas, we went into my office to talk.  I began to share the Gospel with him… and it flowed much easier than many presentations I’ve given in the past.  He was focused in on what I was saying, listening more intently than others.  He seemed to hang on every word as I told him about Jesus, the cross, and salvation.  To cut to the chase… he trusted in Christ for salvation!

Now the purpose of the post.

In the course of our discussions I suggested to Ken that nothing in life happens by accident or random chance.  I suggested to him that his trip to the Carolinas… his being hung out to dry by friends… taking a wrong turn… and ending up at a church in Muscle Shoals was a divine appointment made by God.  I suggested that God was the one that got him out of Michigan and away from his Mormon influence up there so that he could hear the Gospel… be told about the love of Christ… so as to be saved!  And he agreed.

Could God do that?  Could God direct the steps of two people so that an encounter takes place that neither party expected so as to save someone?  My answer is yes… because I’ve seen it happen.

I wonder… who else will God put in my life today so that I can share the Gospel?  I wonder… who will/has God put in YOUR life so that you can be a part of a divine appointment?  Always… always… always be sensitive and open to the leading of the Spirit.  You never know what He is up to!