Two high school players recently nailed a high school football official in Texas. The video has gone viral. As a football official I say emphatically, “Official’s lives matter!”

I don’t think those two young men thought they would get caught. They probably forgot that the game was being filmed. But now they have been outed by social media and probably will face criminal charges (Aside: In Alabama, it is a felony for anyone to place their hands on an official in an aggressive manner). It is being reported that one of the coaches said on the sideline something like, “That official needs to pay for how he has treated us…” Hmmm…

God has a BETTER record of our life. He not only records our words and actions… He records our THOUGHTS! Imagine all of our THOUGHTS being exposed for everyone to hear! But that is exaction what will happen on judgment day. We all will be held accountable for every CARELESS word we speak… because “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Just a thought to consider.