The greatest failure a pastor can have is not necessarily moral, it is spiritual. Failure to pray for God’s people. Failure to faithfully study God’s Word in preparation for Sunday’s message.

Church members… and many preachers… think they are faithful by visiting the hospital and members at home. I beg to differ! The best way a pastor can prove he loves the Bride of Christ is to pray for them… to diligently study God’s Word… to preach in the Spirit every Sunday. If a pastor is not faithful in those things, he has failed God’s people… regardless of what they think or expect.

I’ve had men tell me there is more to being a pastor than just preaching. I agree… there is prayer! I don’t care what else a preacher does, if he does not faithfully pray and deliver God’s Word to God’s people, he is a failure. He can visit every person in the hospital and at home, but if his ability to deliver God’s Word is lacking… he is a failure.

Just a thought…