Jimmy Swaggart 1What is THE worst failure a pastor can commit?  Adultery will be the one most will suggest first.  Others will suggest stealing from the church.  Another might suggest having a temper or any of many possibilities.  But I suggest that none of those are even come close to the most significant failure a pastor can commit.

So what is THE worst failure?  Not to preach the whole counsel of God. NOTHING is worse than that.  Nothing.

Nothing is more subtle, and detrimental to the church than a pastor who dulls the edge of The Two Edged Sword.  When a preacher softens God’s Truth, he commits the cardinal sin above all others.

There is no excuse for moral failure and it does result in great harm to the church.  But it doesn’t begin approach the damage done to the cause of Christ when a man is moral in his conduct but irresponsible in delivering God’s Truth to His people.  The damage by doctrinal infidelity is not for a week… a month… or a year, it is generational!  Entire generations are caused to stumble when the Bible is not accurately delivered from the pulpit.

Examples of what I’m suggesting?  Here are two… The Health and Prosperity Gospel and The Emergent Church Movement.

Click here for a good evaluation of the Prosperity Gospel by Dr. John Piper and here for a Christianity Today article about The Emergent Church Movement.

Sadly… most church are not capable of discerning whether or not they are receiving the pure Word of God.  The reason is because they have for years had pablum served to them rather than the meat of The Word.  Churches look for someone to entertain them… men who have great administrative skills but are average preachers… men who are great at visiting but cannot preach their way out of a wet paper sack.

The remedy is simple.  Churches must require those who proclaim the Word to be faithful to preach The Bible and not their opinions or the latest pop psychology.  They must give their Pastor time to pray and study so he is prepared to preach God’s Word.  Churches must demand that they are fed wholesome messages from God… not weak feel good pep talks with smiles and jokes.  And then church members MUST pray for their pastor to hear from God as he studies.