I met “Anna” two years ago at Huffman Baptist… and talk with her often.  Consider Luke 2:36-37…

Anna… was advanced in years, having lived with her husband seven years… 37 and then as a widow until she was eighty-four.  She did not depart from the temple, worshiping with fasting AND PRAYER night and day.

There is an “Anna” in every church I’ve served.  Some (Like HBC) are blessed with more than one “Anna.”  Let me tell you about one “Anna” where I am currently serving.

She is a widow of many years.  She is a lady, well into her 90s!  She lives alone and is not able to drive.  Her mind is sharp, it is her body that is slowing down.  She has a joy in her heart like few I’ve ever met.  There is no doubt that this precious sister knows The Lord.

Her daily practice is as follows: When she wakes, prayer is the first thing she engages in.  During breakfast, she reads the Scripture.  Then as she goes about her day, it is one of constant prayer… literally.  As she cleans… washes… or meditates, she trusts God to put things, situations, and people on her mind to pray for.  When the burden to pray is especially strong, she goes to her prayer room… kneels… and lifts her prayer to God.  Some days she is in her prayer room often.  By her own admission all she does all day is pray and talk to God.  All day… every day.

I cherish people like her above all others.  “Anna” at Highland Gardens Baptist Church in Montgomery was Mrs. Thelma McHaney.  She prayed daily for hours until just before she died at age 99.  Another “Anna” is Wiley Spivey.  He and his wife prayed together until she died… now he prays daily by himself.  I could name many others who are an “Anna” in their church.  I am thankful that God puts “Annas” in every church I’ve served.  Without them, there’s no telling what would happen, or not happen.

Oh… the “Anna” I’m talking about at HBC (Who is one of several) is Mary Nell.  I told her recently I had nicknamed her “Anna.”  Thank you Father for “Anna.”