Is There Such A Thing As An Untimely Death?

Unexpected passings happen every day… some are more well known than others: JFK, RFK, MLK, Curt Cobain, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Billy Mays, and many more.  It is easier to handle those passings because they don’t strike as close to home as when someone we know dies.  However, when a major event happens… like the Tsunami in Japan (3/11/11)… the unexpected loss of life causes us to wonder about unexpected events that bring with them death and destruction.  Update (3/14/11): Then there are events such as a 16 year old high school basketball player who dies during a time out.

Recently a man I attended high school with and his wife were driving when a tree fell and hit the car they were in.  He was killed and she sustained minor injuries.  It was said that 100 feet either way and the tree would have missed them.  This event was a shock to everyone who knew the family as he was quite young… in his early 50s.  Like many others, I have struggled with similar situations in my own life and this study is part of how I tried to gain understanding.

From the time the news got out this tragedy, many people offered assessments and thoughts about the event.  Each of us tried to offer comfort and relief while trying to make sense of something that made no sense.  This is what we all do when a tragedy hits close to home… especially when it is so unexpected.

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