assureFrom J.D. Greear in CT about assurance of salvation…

Of course, we do make decisions, and they have their importance. Some people can narrate a specific moment of conversion, and such a moment may have included praying the Sinner’s Prayer. But other people, Greear recognizes, grew up in a Christian home and learned to believe the gospel at such a young age that they cannot remember any decisive “moment of salvation,” and they are none the worse off for that. What matters is believing the gospel of Christ, not remembering when you first believed.

Greear provides a helpful analogy here. He asks us to think of faith as a kind of “heart posture.” Like the physical posture of sitting, it began at a specific moment. But if you want assurance that you really are sitting, do you try to remember when you first sat down, or do you make a point of noticing where you’re resting your weight right now? Well, faith is resting the weight of your soul on Christ and his finished work. It’s not totally irrelevant to remember when you first rested your weight in that posture, but it’s not the most helpful question to ask. Just as you may truly be in a sitting posture without remembering when you first decided to sit down, you may have true faith even if you can’t remember making a decision for Christ.

So, are you sitting… in Christ so to speak?