Dr. Jerry Rankin speak recently spoke to FBC-Pell City regarding missions.  On Dr. John Thweatt’s blog he recounted how an SBC missionary discussed with national pastors when it is appropriate to baptize a person.  He suggested asking three questions that must be answered appropriately.  The first three questions would not surprise us.  However, the Chinese church leaders wanted to add a fourth question to see if a person is ready to be baptized into the faith.  Here is the interchange…

Our missionary shared that before you should baptize them you should ask three questions: 1) Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God, 2) Do you profess that Jesus is your personal savior, and 3) Do you commit your life to following Him. He said if they say yes to these three questions then you can baptize them.

The Chinese leaders said they needed to add a 4th question4) If the government officials come to your home and take everything you have and kill your wife and children will you still follow Jesus? If they say yes to those four questions then you can baptize them.

What do you think about the fourth question?  How would you answer it… if it was a real possibility where you live?  Many American Christians get all worked up if they hear too many messages about tithing… if the service goes longer than an hour… if the temperature isn’t right… if the music isn’t the kind they prefer… if there are things at the church that meet their needs,  if, if, if, if!

Honestly, I think the American church could use some persecution.  First Century style.  I wonder how many would still be followers of Jesus if it cost them their job… their house… their reputation… and/or their life?  I wonder how many believers would still give joyfully and generously if the tax credit was not only repealed… but taxed extra?

How serious are we about our faith compared to other believers?