I wrote the blog for Sunday on Saturday because I was going to sleep in late on Sunday. So I got it ready… set it so that all I had to do was post it when I got up… and then rest the entire day.

Note: There is a reason James tells us not to be presumptive in our plans in James 4:13-17. We are to remember that we never know what tomorrow holds… thus we say (From our heart because we believe it)… “If the Lord wills…”

Well Saturday evening we got a call that Trey was sick in Atlanta with a stomach bug.  So with Pam being an RN who has a strong mother instinct, we set off for “Hot Lanta” at 6:00 PM.  I took his place working a Jazz festival to make extra money.  This particular job lasts through Memorial Day.  So that means I spent pretty much all the day I had planned for rest getting an ox out of the ditch for my son.  Pam took him back home so that means I’ll be working on a day most people use to relax… Memorial Day.

So I spent Sunday cutting lemons… getting ice… making lemon-aid… and in general being a runner for a weekend job Trey had with Ben Renfroe at a The Atlanta Jazz Festival.

One thing I continue to learn is this… the events and direction of life are in God’s hands, not our own.  Thus the best thing to do is be fluid (Flexible is too rigid).  Adapt to whatever God allows into your life.  Forget being upset when our plans get trashed, it just might be that God has something else in mind that is better for us.  Hmmm… trusting God?  There’s a novel thought!

My guess is that before long you will have some of your plans turned on their head.  Something you want or have been looking forward to or planning will be turned on it’s ear.  At that point you can either get all worked up (Like I did Saturday evening at first) OR you can say… “God, I don’t know why you’ve changed things the way you have, but you are God and I’m not.  So I will trust you and look for the divine encounter you have ordained for me through these events.” 

Once we learn to trust God for everything (Proverbs 3:5-6), including the things we don’t expect, we will be much more content as we realize God is using us to bring about His will.  I’ll guarantee you Annas wasn’t ready to go to Saul who was at the time persecuting the church… but he did & Paul became an Apostle (Acts 9:10-19).  Philip wasn’t ready to go talk to an Ethiopian about Jesus… but he did and the man was saved (Acts 8:26-38).

The interruptions to our lives are Divine appointments sent to us by God!  What will yours be today?