Here is a great article about two Quarterbacks… both Christians… in the NFL.  One is young and evangelical, the other older and has had a path of redemption.  One is making headlines for his faith.  The other made headlines for failing and his faith.  One a Denver Bronco… the other a Pittsburg Steeler.  The article below is from the Washingtom Post and titled, “God’s Quarterbacks.”

This post was written to publish BEFORE Denver beat Pittsburg on Sunday… in overtime…


Oh… I can’t help a minor update on the college level.  ROLL TIDE!!!!!  CLICK HERE and HERE for two really good articles from ESPN about the Alabama – LSU game last night.  Here is an article listing the TOP 10 ALL TIME BEST college defenses.

I went on record with several friends and in other places (See the comments section of THIS BLOG SITE {I am “Poke The Fire”}), but I didn’t see such a dominating performance.  But you know what?  The sun is coming up in Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge (It’s Tuesday at 7:00 AM as I write this update) and Jesus is coming back.  Last thought… the celebration in the Superdome last night pales in comparison to the rejoicing all believers will experience at the first glimpse of Jesus in glory!