There’s nothing worse than a moral blind spot.  Thinking you are innocent, when you are guilty, is damning.  People all around us have this problem and we wonder why they are so blind to something everyone else sees?  Problem is, we are just as blind… If not more so!

Matthew 6:23  If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

Blind spots are present when:

1.  We are defensive when someone disagrees or challenges us,

2.  We accuse others of being out to get us,

3.  We’re convinced we’re always right,

4.  We are critical of others often,

5.  People try to help us see our blind spots and we write them off,

6.  We enjoy pointing out other people’s blind spots!

7.  We don’t want to look for our blind spots.

It takes a devistating shot to the heart before anyone sees their blind spot. I know because that’s what it took for me to see my own blind spots.  And I’m pretty sure I STILL don’t know where all my blind spots are (Ouch).