I found an article today I thought some might find interesting.  It is a discussion between an evangelical Christian and a Jewish Rabbi.  It is much different from Ann Coulter’s confrontation recently about the necessity for Jews to be converted to Christianity to be saved.  This one is much less strident.

Click here to read the interchange.

Several years ago I asked a Rabbi about how to be saved according to his tradition.  Below is what he wrote in response to my question:

Dear Ron,

  Our Rabbis taught us (In a Mishnah) that there were seven commandments given to the children of Noach:

  1) The obligation to set up a system of justice, 2) The prohibitions against blasphemy, 3) Idol-worship, 4) Sexual immorality, 5) Murder, 6) Theft, 7) Eating the flesh of living animals.

  Anyone who accepts the seven Noachide laws and is careful to observe them is a pious one of the nations of the world and has a portion in the world to come.  Provided that he accepts them and observes them because G-d commanded them in the Torah.  However, if he accepted them out of intellecutal conviction then he is not a ger-toshav (stranger that dwells among us), and he is not a pious gentile and he will not have a place in the World to Come, rather, he is one of their sages.

  Best Regards from Jerusalem,

  Rabbi Reuven Lauffer

But as a Christian I can’t help but go back to Acts 16:31… “Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”