A person will change only if one or all of three things occur.  They either have to be scared to their core… mad to a great degree… or (I’ll save the last for later).

On July 20th of this year my weight had ballooned to more than I’d ever weighed before.  That evening my mom decided to check my blood sugar… it was 368.  My wife (An RN) told me to immediately go walk for 30 minutes to bring it down.  I got scared as she told me what happens when blood sugar gets out of control (Diabetes attacks the whole body and virtually every organ.  It results in a decades long slow, ugly death.).

While I was walking I started getting mad.  Not ticked… MAD… at myself.  There was no sense in me becoming nothing more than a walking whale.  Like a professor said in seminary, “Boys… you can’t preaching on tithing or spiritual discipline if you are fat!”  The more I walked… the more I thought about it… the madder I got.  It was then I decided to make some changes in my eating and exercise habits.  Now I’m eating much better and exercising 5 days a week.  I’ve lost weight and my sugar is under control.

There is one emotion more powerful than either fear or anger.  Love.  This motivation for change doesn’t come from within us… rather we realize it is directed toward us.  When we grasp the love a person has FOR us… as shown by their actions to us… this is the most powerful motivator for change.  My wife has taught me more about unconditional love than anyone else on earth.  My wife’s love for me and how she has shown it to me over the years is what ultimately motivated me to change things more important than physical health.

(In my little world) Fear… anger… and love worked together for my salvation.  I’ve had fear and anger regarding my sin, but the LOVE of God through Christ is what facilitated salvation and the desire to follow Christ.  It is God’s LOVE that has had the most powerful and lasting effect on my life.  God’s LOVE has driven out fear and anger.  God’s LOVE is the single most powerful motivator for lasting change.  God’s LOVE

Fear and anger are both obliterated by God’s love.  Fear and anger may cause some change in us… but ultimately only a deep understanding of God’s love for us brings about true lasting change.