As you may have heard, Chelsea Clinton, 30, a Columbia University School of Public Health alumna (better known as the only child of a certain power couple), is set to marry 32-year-old Goldman Sachs investment banker Marc Mezvinsky on July 31.  According to one article I read, the costs for the wedding have been suggested by ABC as…

Catering: $750,000
Flowers: $250,000
Music: $40,000
Wedding Dress: $15,000
Photography: $35,000
Video: $25,000
Lighting: $75,000 to $100,000
Hair and Makeup: $20,000
Invitations: $40,000 to $50,000
Party Planner: $175,000
Rehearsal Dinner: $250,000
Security: $30,000
Miscellaneous: $50,000 (valet parking, wedding cake, welcome gifts, favors and anything else that’s been forgotten)

In case you haven’t done the math yet, the grand total is: $1,755,000.00 (Low estimate).  Oh… that doesn’t include the Rhinebeck Town Council that approved another $2,500 for extra police coverage.


There was another wedding that cost even more than Chelsea’s.  The groom… Jesus. The Bride… His church. The cost… Christ’s life.

That is a much more expensive wedding than anything this world has seen otherwise.  Praise be to God!