magiOne of the most interesting story lines in Christmas has to do with the Magi from the east.  The careful student will find that their presence is the result of when four Hebrew boys were deported from Israel to Babylon.  Consequently, three of them walked through a furnace and the fourth was delivered from a lion’s den.

daniel-lions-den1 The fourth teenage boy was Daniel.  He was able to interpret dreams.  It is a direct result of Daniel interpreting the King’s dream that Jesus’ parents had provision to travel to Egypt to escape Herod’s slaughter of baby boys in Bethlehem.  Because of Daniel being deported to modern day Iraq from his home thousands of years ago, the Scripture was fulfilled and believers are saved!

My desire in this message/study is to encourage us as Christians not to give up hope when life is tough… hard… or difficult.  We never know how God will have set up a provision for us through someone or something years before we were born or in ways we’d never imagine!

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