Today with think of Christmas in terms of sterile cards, family banquets, opening presents, and a time of cheer.  But if the first Christmas is observed closely it was a time of controversy.  Even today there is still an amount of controversy over Christmas, most of which centers around being “politically correct.”  Consider the controversies surrounding the first Chritmas…

There was controversy in Mary’s spirit when it was revealed to her by an angle that she would have a child who would be the son of God (Lk 1:26-33). 

There was most certainly controversy among the towns people of Nazareth as Mary was found to be with child before she was married.  (Fornicators were stoned to death in that day…)

There was most probably controversy in Mary’s family as they were asked to believe she was still a virgin even though she was pregnant.  (Would you believe your daughter if she said she was pure but was expecting a child?)

There was controversy in Joseph’s heart as he found out Mary was expecting yet declared she had never known a man.  It took an angel appearing to him in a dream for him not to put her away quietly (Mt 1:18-25).

There had to be controversy in many people’s lives throughout the land because the decree of Caeser Agustus that they had to return to their home town for a census (Lk 2:1-2).  {It was inconvenient to say the least to leave your work and home at the whims of the governmental authorities}

There was “controversy” in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus’ birth because Magi showed up asking where the Messiah had been born because they had seen His star in the east (Mt 2:1-3).

As there was controversy in Jerusalem, there was controversy in Herod’s heart over the birth of a King (Mt 2:1-3).

There was controversy in Bethlehem over the order of Herod to have all the male children under the age of two killed (Mt 2:16-18).

Jesus’ life began admist controversy.  Jesus’ whole life was lived through controversy.  However, Jesus IS the Prince of Peace!  Throughout his life and through to today, He has brought more peace to more people than anyone else who has ever lived.

Jesus… The Prince of Peace… who lived in the middle of controversy his whole life… has brought peace to all who believe.  Jesus not only stilled the storms on the Sea of Galilee, he has stilled the storms in the lives of everyone who cry out to Him for comfort.

Jesus took the controversy and calmed it.  He quited the unrest and brought comfort to the trouble in the hearts of those He saved.  Christmas may have started as controversial, but it has resulted in peace.