Branscomb Iraq.JPG  This is a recent picture of Daniel Branscomb.  You will remember a number of weeks ago I wrote about him in my blog.  You can read that post by clicking here.  Last time I wrote he was on his way to Iraq… now he is there.

  At first there will be a few weeks of a kind of orientation before he starts going out on patrols.  Once he begins those he will not be able to contact his family for weeks at a time.  Obviously we need to be in prayer for Daniel’s safety and that he will return to his family soon.

  There is a lot of rhetoric flying around the airwaves and on TV about the Iraq war… but when you put a face on it (At least for me) things become very clear.  My prayer is for God to end the war and bring our troops home safely.  Until that time we need to give them everything they need to accomplish their mission.  Very little else matters to me.  We need to regularly lift Daniel and his family up in prayer.

If you would like to mail Daniel I have included his address below.  If you send a letter only the regular postage is required.  If you want to send him a care package (Some in the church have already done this), I suggest calling his mom and dad (David and Natalie Branscomb)… they can give you some ideas of what to send that Daniel needs.  I’m sure they would appreciate any words of encouragement you may have for them also.

Here is Daniel’s address…

  SPC Branscomb, Daniel N.

  A-Co 1-28 IN

  APOAE 09361