It is impossible for a person to be saved unless God first does His work in them.  Until God reveals Himself, a person continues in spiritual darkness.  I know.  I’ve seen it twice the last two weeks.

Both times I presented the Gospel as simply and clearly as I could.  One person said she needed God because her husband was living with another woman.  Rather than discuss that, I asked her if she would go to heaven when she died… she said no.  So I talked about sin and its consequences.  I talked plainly about Jesus’ death and resurrection to provide the way of salvation.  I quoted Scripture… I used logic… illustrations… and did everything I could to lead her to confession of sin unto salvation.  The reaction?  She ignored all I said and only wanted to talk about getting her husband back.  No matter how hard I tried to redirect the conversation back to Jesus, she would not (Could not) bring herself to consider her lostness.

It was the same with another person I talked to last week.  He too had lost his family, but due to his own conduct.  He said he needed God… so he could get his wife back (He described her as, “A church going woman.”).  He was emotional… asking God for help to restore his family.  He asked, “If I get saved, will I get my wife and son back?”  The answer was, “I don’t know.  You might… you might not.  What is more important to you… your family or knowing God?”  His answer, “I want my family to be healed.”  I tried to talk with him about God through Jesus being first and more important than family.  But all he could talk and think about was his family.  To him, God was a means to an end… not THE need of his life.

In both cases there was a sense of needing God… but they attempted to use God as their errand boy.  He was nothing more than a butler to clean up a mess.  But in neither case did they consider that their greatest need was for God to be their Lord and Master.  Their hearts were dark and they could not (Would not) see their need for confession of sin, repentance, and surrendering their life to God through Jesus.

The human heart is indeed dark and incapable of seeing unless GOD opens their eyes that they may see…