Yesterday’s post dealt with the theological side of end of life, today is a little different. Today comes from many events and discussions I’ve had with families who dealt with end of life issues for themselves or close family members. What is written below is not in any particular order, but all are worth thinking through.

Make sure your family knows your testimony… your conversion story. The STORY of how it took place… how you know you are saved. Trust me, if they’ve heard you tell it often they will be comforted tremendously. And… if you don’t have a conversion story, truth is you may need to come to Christ for salvation.

Let your MEDICAL final wishes be made know to your family clearly. Do you want to be on life support or not? Do you want heroic measures to keep you alive or not? Do you want a feeding tube or not? Do you want to be an organ donor? At what point do you want to no longer have your life sustained by machines? Make it clear you are NOT in favor of actively hastening death medically (That is morally wrong). Have a legal document drawn up and notarized for them to follow so there is no confusion. Relieve your family from as much stress as possible through these things.

Plan out your funeral service to whatever degree you desire. Songs, who sings, or how they are presented. Who you want to do your service and the kind of service you desire. Do you want the service at the Church or in a funeral home? Do you want just a graveside service? ASIDE: It would be gracious of you to specify giving those who participate in the service (Music, Minister) be given a decent honorarium.

You can be as detailed or general as you desire. These things are just the basics. None of us likes to think about it… but it is wise to have a few things in place for your family’s sake.