Desert 2The desert is prominent in the lives of God’s Children. Some reading this are either IN a desert or about to enter one and are not aware of it. When we ask God to bless us, many times He sends us to the desert. My prayer is you will be encouraged by this post. Therefore consider…

Moses was in the desert for 40 years prior to delivering the Children of Israel (Ac 7:30), received The Ten Commandments there (Ex 19-20), and Israel wandered in it another 40 years (Num 14:33).  The scapegoat is banished to the desert (Lev 16:10). Elijah fled to the desert from Ahab (1 Ki 17) and Jezebel (1 Ki 19). David wrote Psalms in the desert (Ps 63). John the Baptist lived in the desert & began his ministry there (Mt 3:1-3; Lk 1:80). Jesus was driven into the desert for 40 days after his baptism to be tempted (Mt 4:1). And Paul spent 3 years in the deserts of Arabia prior to beginning his ministry (Gal 1:17-18).

Eventually every Christian will find themselves in an emotional and spiritual desert. Worship seems empty… prayer is a chore… Scripture reading is fruitless… and you don’t feel God’s presence. You will long for a drop of water from heaven, but it may not be granted for days… weeks… months… or possibly years. This is not an easy time for anyone who finds themselves there.

Being in a desert could be the result of sin, or it might not. If it is because of sin, confess it. If not, it is God calling you to walk with Him (Pray James 1:5 for discernment). In the desert you will find out if you love God for His “stuff” or from Himself. Those who love God and not His stuff will keep seeking… keep worshipping… keep praying… keep watching. Those who love God’s “stuff” alone will abandon Him.

What do you do if/when you’re in a spiritual desert? Keep on praying! Keep on reading Scripture! Keep on worshipping God! Be patient, after all… “Whoever SEEKS (Keeps on seeking) will find.” Don’t quit. In His time He WILL bring a season of refreshing! Click here for John Newton’s perspective on desert experiences.