I found this on the website of Ray Pritchard and thought it worth passing along.  He titled it, “25 Affirmations About God’s Will.”  There is great wisdom here that I encourage you to consider…

  1. God’s will is more like a sunrise than a sunburst.

  2. God’s will is also more like a blueprint that unrolls a bit at a time.

  3. God often speaks through the advice of wise Christian friends.

  4. Dreams and visions can happen today, but don’t feel bad if you don’t have one.

  5. God’s will never contradicts God’s Word. (Amen! RE)

  6. When you are under pressure, slow down and wait upon the Lord.

  7. God gives us enough light to take the next step.

  8. God normally doesn’t show us the future in advance.

  9. God’s will is more about who you are than where you are.

  10. If you want to know God’s will, get to know God better. (My favorite.  RE)

  11. Pray for guidance, but don’t tell God how to answer your prayers.

  12. Beware of puttting out a fleece, it can be misleading.

  13. You don’t have to have 100% certainty before making a decision.

  14. You don’t need to understand everything in advance.

  15. Just because you don’t know where you are doesn’t mean you are lost.

  16. It’s not a sin to be confused.

  17. If you want to discover God’s will tomorrow, make sure you do God’s will today.

  18. When you need to know, you’ll know.

  19. The reason you don’t know now is because you don’t need to know now.

  20. Don’t make deals with God.  He’s not the barganing kind.

  21. Tell God you are willing to do His will.

  22. If you aren’t willing, tell Him you’re willing to be made willing.

  23. Remember that He’s God and you’re not.

  24. God’s will is a journey, not a destination.

  25. You won’t be home until you finally get to heaven.

In 2 Timothy 2:7 Paul wrote… “Reflect upon what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this.”