This is a topic I am constantly thinking about and working through.  I have posted about it previously here (From Ray Pritchard and is VERY good!), here, and here.  After a few thoughts, I’ll cut through some of what may have become clutter and describe my personal thoughts…

  Quote: Sometimes God cares more about the journey we take and how we take it rather than the destination.

I read somewhere there are five sources for discerning God’s will which are trustworthy: 1) The Bible, 2) Inward impressions upon our spirit by the Holy Spirit, 3) Providence {His work in circumstances}, 4) Godly counsel, 5) Wisdom {Redeemed wisdom like the kind in Proverbs, rather than the world’s wisdom}.  When these are in agreement, then we can know God’s will.

Am I the only one that wishes God sent emails, letters, or made personal phone calls?  I’ve read a lot of people’s thoughts about discerning God’s will, there is a lot of advice (Most of it good and Biblical) and I’ve come to a few conclusions that may or may not make sense or be all that Godly… it’s just where I am.

Conclusion #1: It is good to seek God and discern His will.  Note: It is better to seek GOD than His will.  Once HE is the goal of our heart, THEN the rest falls into place (Matthew 6:33).

Conclusion #2: It is right to be patient until God’s will is revealed to us.  Note:  There are many other things God is working on that must be completed BEFORE our situation can be brought to a conclusion (We’re not the only ones asking for God’s help!).  Thus the concept of waiting on God.

Conclusion #3: Whoever said that waiting is NOT God’s will?  Whoever said that being exactly where we are at a given time (That may be frustrating to us) is NOT God’s will?  Note: That may mean (I’m still working through this one) that Christians ARE in God’s will at any given point in time.  Hmmm…

Question #1: Why does it seem we think most about God’s will for our life when things out of sorts?  Could that mean that God allows/causes anxiety in our life to get us to seek Him?  (Personal Inquiry… Have I missed “burning bushes” and God’s prompting when things seemed to be good?  Ouch.)

Question #2: Why does everyone else seem to know exactly what we should do to discern or figure out God’s will?  How is it that so many writers can give such great and godly sounding advice and it just not work in my particular situation?

Where I am.  I am in God’s will… which doesn’t mean I understand everything (Click).  As a child of God, my Father IS active in working things out for His glory and my benefit (Click).  Therefore I am do the things I know to do as best I can.  My life is like a river with me in a canoe.  He moves me along.  I can steer a little this way or that, but the flow of the river is God’s determined path for me (Click).  When the river is slow and calm… such is my life.  When there are rapids… such is my life.  When the river turns left or right… such is my life.  I don’t need to obsess over “Am I in God’s will?” because He loves me too much for me to not be where He wants me to be (Romans 8:29 The Message).  Note: That last sentence comes as the result of a lot of thought and meditation.  Don’t reject it out of hand…

Your thoughts?

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