Previously I have written about diserning God’s will (Click here).  The reason is because we all have to make decisions, most of which are NOT addressed in Scripture (Who to marry… Which career to follow… Whether to move or not… Where to attend church… etc.).  Thus we need God’s wisdom and guidance as we make those decisions.

I have written that I believe there is a good process to go through when we have a decision to make.  If we go through this process I believe we will be led by God to make decisions that honor Him.  Here is the process once again…

1. Gather all the available information.  2. Talk to people more Godly and spiritually mature than you are.  3. Seek God’s guidance through prayer.  4. Make a decision.  5. Leave the outcome in God’s hands without regret.

For me, 5 is of great importance.  It means there is no second guessing ourselves… our counselors… or God.  The reason #5 is so worthy to live by is that God is in control.  He is able to keep us from doing what is not in His ultimate will.  In other words, God can overrule our stupidity!   We can “What If?” ourselves to death… and that is not profitable nor does it honor God.  In fact, it might just be a sin!

Could I be so bold as to suggest that we walk with God daily, and leave all the things we can’t control or handle in His care?  As Peter put it, “Cast all your anxiety upon Him because He cares for you!”

Romans 12:2 contains a great encouragment for finding God’s will (Click here to read it).  There are a few things I can tell you about God’s will from this passage.  1) God’s will for life cannot be found by consulting the world or those that think in worldly terms.  2) The mind has to be free from the way the world thinks in order to determine God’s will.  3) There is an element of trial and/or error that is part of discerning God’s will.  4) Once God’s will is determined, it is good (Not necessarily easy.).  Actually I’ve found that many times the more difficult way is the best way.  The easy way is usually fraught with greater hardship and disappointment further down the line while what seems to be the hardest direction to take may very yield the greatest reward.

Whatever decisions you have to make… are making… or will make… go through the process THEN live in #5.  And remember one last thing… You cannot mess up your life, nor can anyone else, to the point that God cannot use you for His glory.