dongle“Dongle… What’s a DONGLE?” It is a little thing I wear inside my pocket that keeps up with the number of step I walk/jog/run… distance traveled… number of stairs climbed, active minutes, calories burned, and sleep pattern each day. It is a way to measure daily activity. The goal each day is: 10,000+ steps, 5 miles, 60 active minutes, 10 flights of stairs, and 2,000 calories. It also tracks your weight loss goal and progress toward the same.

Yesterday my dongle recorded: 10,408 steps, 5.04 miles, 5 flights of stairs, 64 active minutes, and 3,319 calories burned. I didn’t need it to tell me if I slept well… I did. My weight goal of 215? I’m a few pounds from it.

We have a “spiritual” dongle! A way to measure our progress of becoming more like Jesus. He is called the Holy Spirit. He’s there to remind us through our conscience regarding love, forgiveness, repentance, grace, mercy, compassion… growing in conformity to Christ. The Holy Spirit is much more effective than a Fitbit Tracker since the Holy Spirit gives instant feedback AND enables spiritual growth at the same time.

I can choose to wear my Fit Bit dongle each day. The Holy Spirit is with/in the believer EVERY day. He is actively involved in believer’s lives giving instant feedback about spiritual growth while empowering a life lived for God’s glory.

That’s what a dongle is…