Rarely does God reveal His will for our life all at once.  Usually it comes slowly… incrementally… until eventually He has everything in place.  It is then we have an “AH HA!” moment.  Then we see the puzzle pieces all together.  Things that were confusing finally make sense.

Suggestion: Be content with God’s partial revelation.

God promised Abram he would have a son and his children would be as innumerable as the stars.  Twenty-five years later God’s promise was fulfilled.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!  Along the way Abram doubted.  He tried to make the promise come true himself… and failed.  Then the day came when a son was born.  Then he understood.  Then everything made sense.

Never doubt in the dark what God has revealed in the light.

Abram waited 25 years for God’s promise to be fulfilled.  How long have you been waiting?  Better… how long are you willing to wait… JOYFULLY?

Do you believe what God had the Psalmist write in 84:11?  “For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor.  No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

Again I ask… do you believe God? Know this, if it is good for you… God will give it.  If it’s not good for you… HE WON’T.  I don’t care how much faith you have… how many people are praying… or how hard YOU try.  Until God decides to act and bless, it won’t occur.  And then when it is His time, NO ONE can stop Him.

Believe God!