The previous post was about identifying a lukewarm or backslidden condition.  This one is about suggestions for escaping from that situation.

  Suggestion #1: Admit the condition.  This is the hardest one of all that will be required in order to move from lukewarm to passionate Christianity.  But unless a person admits the condition, things will never improve… but get worse.  As a friend of mine said, “If you there was a time when you were closer to Christ than you are now, you are backslidden.”

  Suggestion #2: Repent.  This is just as much a practice for Christians as for those who desire to be saved.  Repentance is turning from one thing TO another.   This means the things you know you should not be engaged in are traded in for better things.  You know the what the things are that you are doing and/or not doing that have no place in a Christian’s life… so make a conscious choice not to engage in them.  Thus the next suggestion…

  Suggestion #3: Return.  Return to God through regular talks with Him (Prayer), reading the love letter He wrote to you (The Bible), and celebrate with His people (Church).  You can mark it down… neglecting those three things are most certainly evidence of a backslidden and/or lukewarm condition.  The reason is that talking to God… listening to God… and worshipping God are the lifeblood for a fervent faith.

  Suggestion #4: Keep on keeping on.  This means being diligent to not slip back into old habits.  Trust me… to leave something and then return to it makes it harder to leave it behind the second time.  So keep on doing the things you know are good and running form those things you know will cause you to stumble.