Worship.jpg  Today’s worship service was such a blessing!  I don’t know how many others enjoyed it as much as I did… but I have to say it was one of the high points (If not the high point) in worship covering the two and one half years.

  There is something about a room full of God’s people praising… worshipping… and glorifying Him that can’t be fully put into words.  There is a dynamic that takes place in that encounter that cannot and does not happen watching church on TV or listening to church on radio.  If what we experienced in worship 4 hours ago (It is 3:00 PM on Sunday) is just a sliver of what heaven will be like… I can’t wait to be there!

  The choir loft was full.  The expressions on their faces showed they were worshipping… not just singing.  The praise band added so much to the worship I can’t imagine trying to do it without them.  The praise team didn’t perform… they too worshipped as we lifted our voices to God.

  Then there was the congregation.  God’s people.  All who made a conscious choice to get up… get dressed… come to meet with us… and worship God.  For the first time in a long time I couldn’t hear myself sing for the sound of the congregation singing behind me (I sit on the front row).  The sound of all God’s people singning was it’s self beautiful music!

The songs chosen to sing were a great mix of contemporary and hymns.  The flow between the songs was smooth… each song complimented the other and they all glorified God.  My favorite was the old classic Victory In Jesus.

Then came the time for the message.  All I can say there is that the time we spent in worship through singing got me pumped to lead God’s people in worship through the proclamation of God’s Word.  And yes… preaching (And listening to preaching)… IS a form of worship!  I felt empowered and strengthened to speak to God’s people on His behalf.

Then after the worship service was over I noticed that a lot of people were lingering… standing around talking and fellowshipping.  There were people in every aisle and between pews savoring the closeness we had.  For a preacher THAT is a good sign.

I love doing what I’m doing and WHO I’m doing it with… the people of Woodward Avenue Baptist Church!