NCAA.jpg  Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since March Madness began and we are down to four teams from the original sixty four which started the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  The teams that are left are: Florida, UCLA, Ohio State, and Georgetown.  One of those teams will be the national champion.

  You will remember that before the tournament began I flipped a coin in keeping with Proberbs 16:33 to find out how accurate a chance random prediction would be.  Well… as you might have guessed… the coin got half the games right in the first round… and it went downhill from there.  In fact, according to the flip of the coin, Indiana was supposed to be the 2007 men’s basketball champion!

  When I first thought of this experiment I must admit there was a moment’s hesitation when I wondered… “What if every game is picked correctly?  What will I do then?”  It only took one round to ease my anxiety.  But my hesitation exposed how supersticious I am (We all are to some degree).

  So what does how flipping the coin tell us… specially in light of Proverbs 16:33?  I have several thoughts.  First, flipping a coin is not the way to make decisions.  Second, through this little experiment I believe God would have us learn there is a better way to make decisions.  Third, making decisions based on any subjective method is foolish (“I just feel in my heart this is what I should do,” “God… if you want me to do this, have my second cousin Mortimer that I haven’t heard from in 20 years call me tomorrow between 2:00 and 2:15 PM.”).

  So how should decisions be made?  Click here for the process I suggest in a previous blog.

  Oh… not that anyone is wondering… but I correctly picked three of the teams in the final four.  We’ll see if I picked the NCAA champion correctly.  And just so you’ll know ahead of time… my pick is the Ohio State Buckeyes.